Janet Schrader has been working with glass as an art form since 1979. The focus of her work has been fusing glass for over 25 years. In her many years of fusing, Janet has come to know how glass responds to different temperatures. This allows her to achieve the exact results she is wanting, whether it be a tack fuse or a full flat fuse. Janet really enjoys teaching and sharing her knowledge of glass fusing all over the United States and has even been to Australia a few times to teach. What she enjoys most in her work is experimentation and through this she has developed some techniques that she teaches through both simple workshops and intensive multiple day sessions.

Dichroic glass is her favorite glass to work with and she has a unique line of dichroic glass jewelry that she produces and also teaches the technique to others. It is her most popular class and students are always surprised at how much they learn in one day. Striving for as much realism and detail in her art as possible has led Janet to take some courses in Italy from Miriam Di Fiori who has developed her own specialized technique for landscape art. Soon Janet will be teaching this technique in her new studio that is set up people from across the country to be able to come and stay for up to a week for specialized classes.